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Fast paced hockey action in a heavy duty solid wood cabinet. 2-4 players

Includes paddles and pucks
Ages 8 & Up

Participants use plastic tipped darts that score automatically once they hit their mark. Play individually or in teams. 24 games with 132 options

84″H x 25″W x 12″D

60 second timer starts with the first basket. Individual score keeper for each player. 2 points per basket, 3 points per basket the last 10 seconds. See who’s got the best shot!

Includes 4 Basketballs
8’L x 3’W x 6’H

Test your knowledge! The person who hits their buzzer first gets to answer the trivia question. Flashing lights accent this fast paced game. We provide trivia questions or you can supply questions customized for your event. Great for team building

6 people per game
Ages 12 & up
Attendant Included

Step inside and see how much money you can grab in 25 seconds! Hi-speed blower circulates the money like a tornado. Play money or certificates can be used.

34″W x 34″L x 7’6″H 2,
110 volt, 20 amp circuits

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