Carnival Ride Rentals

Another favorite for all ages! 4 – 6 riders per Berry. Get ready to spin-spin-spin.

Includes attendant
200 plus riders per hour

Test your strength and endurance climbing our 24′ tall 4 person Mt. Awesome ! From beginner to advanced climbers, everyone has fun!

Includes attendants
80+ climbers per hour
Maximum Weight limit 225 lbs. Per climber
Great for kids thru adult.
30’L x 12’W x 25’H

4 person Eurobungy! Become an acrobatic sensation on our new 4 person Eurobungy. Bouncing up to 20′ in the air and flipping forward or backward.

Includes attendant.
50 + riders per hour.

Hold on tight as you fly down our 80′ long slide with 2 speed hills. 3 lanes keep the lines moving. Double riders allowed center lane.

Includes attendant
100 + riders per hour

Great for younder kids as they board our Ferris Wheel and ride to new heights.

2-4 kids per car –  ages 2 – 12
Included attendant
60+ riders per hour

Another favorite for kids of all ages

Includes attendant
200 plus riders per hour

Holds up to 30 riders as you fly thru the air enjoying the summer afternoon. Lights and music add to this beautiful ride.

Includes attendant
200+ riders per hr.

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